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Take only what one needs

Water is life and is a scarce commodity. Water influences every aspect of our lives, it influences business, it influences industry, it influences politics and economics.
Potable water is becoming more and more expensive to produce and it can be seen as a money making venture at the expense of the poor and vulnerable.

winner water is life 001WATER IS TRULY LIFE.

The World Plumbing Council promotes what we call the four pillars of influence where water is the main thread.

ENERGY: Without water, energy is severely curtailed and other sources of supply are costly.

ENVIRONMENT: Without water the environment from the tiniest to the largest fauna and flora, human and beast will not survive or if survives it will be very different and dull and really be just that survival!

SANITATION: Without water all living things will DIE!

WATER: If we do not conserve and protect this resource, our very existence is threatened. Water is a right and equally those who know it is a right need to respect it and ensure it is not wasted. Every drop needs to be saved, the reticulation system needs to be compliant with standards as these are created for the very safety of people. Water is also used for recreation and its value must be respected and nothing should be done to sully its critical role.

REGULATIONS: These are not big sticks to beat people with, but they are there to ensure that water is respected and used for the benefit of life and all that is affected by water.

So each one stands on its own but water is the thread that makes each independent one interdependent on each other.

This is achieved by innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking. WPC 2016 will provide this platform.

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WPC 2016 Strategic Organising Committee
Lee Goldie – Chairperson, Larry Berger, Herman Lourens, Henry Soden, Robbie Webb, Gary Macnamara

Advisory Group

  • This is a group of senior people in the industry who will provide guidance from their many years of experience at different levels to the organising committee and organiser. Some 30 industry leaders have committed themselves to the group.